Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What to do with left over curry ?

Last week was a particularly busy week with friends visiting and organizing a potluck, in which I cook - not one, but two - huge pots of curry, which resulted in leftovers.

During the week - we've been eating out at our old favorite places, and thus all my leftover curry has been neglected. It was only on Monday - that I remembered that I would need to work on those leftover ! (otherwise I would waste food again .. which I am trying not to do)

What to do with left over curry ?? One of the things I liked when I was in NYC was these curry puff pastries that they sell at bakeries in Chinatown. I figure, perhaps its not too hard to make ? Browsing the websites online yields some baked instructions...

Ingredients :
  1. A box of puff pastry sheets.
  2. left over curry
  3. Cayenne pepper powder .
  4. Some salt.
  5. One egg, for egg wash.
These are kinda the steps I took...
  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degs. Tho, the pastry sheet box said 400.
  2. Thaw the pastry sheets. Follow instructions for thawing. I over thawed them.
  3. Mix 2,3,4 so that the flavor is more intense.
  4. Cut the sheet into 3x3 squares (4x4 might have been nicer)
  5. Fill the squares with curry mixture (small spoon full) , seal it, and put fork marks all around it.
  6. Add egg wash on top
  7. Bake it - till it looks done.
Ok, not too scientific , but good enough. How bad can it be ?

I baked it till the curry kinda oozed out... partially b/c I didn't seal it well, and partially b/c I put too much stuff in there... (goal = use curry)


I pulled the pastries apart, and set them on the table top to cool over night...
and ta da ! This actually tasted good in the morning.
Curry puff pastry


amy said...

Mmmm. That looks delicious!

ying said...

:D I can repeat it, if I am careful :)